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 Most Attractive Places to Visit in the Sacred City of KANDY,
(Stating 8.30am to 8.30pm – Full Day Out)
Destination 01 - Traditional Wood Carving Factory
Wood Carving is practiced by traditional craftsmen in the Kandy region and Galle. Religious and secular objects, household articles, figurines, wall decorations are among the several items carved in wood.
Destination 02 - Traditional Batik (Fabric) Factory
Colorful, dramatic fabrics designer garments in a wax resist dyeing technique of Indonesian origin but distinctly Sri Lankan Design. The Batik tradition based on the cultural tradition of Sri Lanka.
Destination 03 - The Tea Museum - (Hanthana)
The Museum consists of four floors, the ground floor and the second floor exhibit very old items of machinery and first floor consists of a library and an auditorium with facilities for audio visual presentations. The third floor is allocated to tea sales outlets, where a selection of Sri Lanka’s fine tea is available. The entire top floor is a restaurant.
Destination 04 - Gadaladeniya & Lankathilake Temples & Embekke Devalaya
These temples are unique examples of the Buddhist construction in brick and stone during the Kandyan period (14 th C). Embekke Devalaya is The shrine to a Hindu deity at Embekke is the best extant example of the wood carvings of the Kandyan period.
Destination 05 - Traditional Brass Products Factory
Traditional brass products are commonly used as decorative items in Sri Lankan homes. These include oil lamps, trays, wall plaques, lamp stands, religious statuettes, ornamental figurines, vases, letter openers, serviette holders, cigarette tins and match box holders among many other articles.
Destination 06 - Peradeniya Botanical Gardens
The Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is easily one of the best of its kind in the world. The many beautiful avenues will lead one to sections which provide a burst of tropical colour. The best known attraction of the garden is the orchid House, which has more than 300 varieties of exquisite orchids from the rare indigenous Foxtail and Vesak Orchids.
Destination 07 - The Garrison (War) Cemetery
In this beautifully kept garden cemetery there are many 19th-century graves, most date from WWII. The most famous is that of Sir John D’Oyly, a colonial official who planned the bloodless British capture of Kandy in 1815 and then succumbed to cholera in 1824.
Destination 08 - The Gem Museum
Sri Lanka has been famous for more than 2000 for Gems. The National Gem of Sri Lanka is the Blue Sapphire, one of the most celebrated gem verities in the world. Ceylon Ruby – The purplish pink to rose red corundum, Yellow Sapphire, Orange Sapphire, White Sapphire – Sri Lanka’s equivalent  and the Pink Sapphire, and more.
Destination 09 - The Antique Shop
This shop consists of a remarkable collection of antiques at very reasonable prices – Sri Lankan and foreign delegates are visiting this store 1910. Old Silver Jewellery statues (gods and Buddha) bronze, brass, stone and wooden drums rare coins, gold silver copper, maps porcelain, bowls, trays old wooden paintings fabric old lamps and various other kinds of ornaments and antiques available on premises.
Destination 10 - Bahirawakanda Buddha Statue
Sri Maha Bodhi Viharaya in Bahirawakanda is a very attractive and hilly place in the Kandy town. This is a center for carrying out national and as well as international Buddhist relations. The monastery was started in 1972 and completed and opened in 1993.
Destination 11 - The Trinity College Chapel
“Holy Trinity Church”, the Chapel is made of stone and its roof is supported by 50 pillars with fine stone carvings displaying beautiful SriLankan, Kandyan craftsmanship. Architecturally, one could see the best of Sinhalese Architecture in it, with designs and carvings similar to those in Polonnaruwa, an ancient capital of Sri Lanka. It was also the first open chapel in the WORLD, whereas all the others of the time were of Gothic type, and it continues to be greatly admired today.
Destination 12 - The Golf Course – Digana
The Victoria Golf & Country Resort is a 500 acre estate on the edge of the vast Victoria reservoir and overlooked by the Knuckles mountain range with its par-73 course and extensive leisure facilities, one of the finest 18 hole golf courses in Asia.
Destination 13 - Kandy Cultural Show
Daily at 5.30 pm from the Ceremonial Drums to the Peacock Dance, the Devil Dance, the Fire Dance, the Harvest Dance and including the Drum Orchestra, 12 different dances of Sri Lanka were presented within a span of one hour.
Destination 14 - The Sacred Tooth Relic Temple
Sri Dalada Maligawa which houses the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Lord Buddha. The golden roofed temple is visited by locals and tourists bearing flowers and incense daily throughout the day and night. Here visitors can observe poojas (offerings) the ancient traditions of drumming and sacred chanting in honour of the Tooth Relic, being performed several times each day.
Destination 15 - The Pub
Very popular with tourists to have a nice and chilled Beer on the balcony over looking at the City traffic in the night.
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