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The Location in the World MAP – The country is located 31 kilometers off the southern coast of India in South Asia
Position - The Latitude and Longitude is 7° 00' N and 81° 00' E
Time Zone – GMT+5.5 (5:30)
Day Light Saving – Do not operate
International Dialing Code - +94
  Sri Lanka
  Officially the Democratic Socialist Republic
Capital: Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte 
President: Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa  
Prime Minister: Hon. D.M. Jayaratne  
National anthem: Sri Lanka Matha  
National Day: 04 of February  
National Language: Sinhala & Tamil  
Population – 20.87 Million  
Life Expectancy – 74.90   
Literacy Rate – 90%   
Climate Seasons – 4   
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