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Excursions Ancient Anuradhapura
After breakfast leave for Anuradhapura & commence a City Tour.
Anuradhapura is the first capital of Sri Lanka from 5th C.B.C to 10th C.A.D the remains of 15 centuries as a capital is found in a vast area. From smaller monuments such as Thuparama and Lankarama to gigantic, 400 foot high Jetawana Dagaba, Abhayagiriya and Ruwanweliseya and the most sacred Bo-tree, (Ficus Religious) well guarded up to this day, are found here.
There are statues; remains of Palaces, Ponds, Temples, Shrines, Alms Halls, Meditation Centers, Old statues, Monasteries, Pleasure gardens and large number of other monuments are found at Anuradhapura.
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