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Excursions Pinnawala & Pilimathalawa
After breakfast leave for Pinnawala visit the Elephant Orphanage in Pinnawala.
Pinnawala – App. 90Kms from Colombo, off Colombo-Kandy road is Pinnawala, where an orphanage was started in 1975 to house the abandoned and the wounded elephants. The number of elephants has increased now, including baby elephants brought from various parts, as well as the babies born, as a result of the captive breeding program. The best time to visit is the feeding time from 0930-1000 hrs and 1330-1400 hrs and the bathing time from 1000-1030hrs and 1400-1430 hrs when all the elephants are taken to the river close by.
On the way back to Kandy, visit 3 old Temples – Lankathilake (This is a religious devotion of Senalankadhikara, a minister of Bhuvanaikabahu IV of Gampola in 1344 CE. Further establishments carried out by the King, Parakramabahu VI of Kotte (1412-1467 CE).The monastery structure originally had four storeys but has collapsed, and today only the ground floor is used, although a part of the second storey remains)
(Gadaladeniya Temple in Kandy was constructed in the year 1344 by King Buwanekabahu IV in accordance to an inscription written here in this temple)
 (Embekke Devalaya was build in around year 1370's. This period is belonging to Gampola regime time the king Wickramabahu 11 was ruling Sri Lanka. According to the historical information, this temple was done by Queen Henakanda Bisobandara. The drummer from the near by village call Rangama was also involved) in Pilimathalawa area.
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