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Excursions Sigiriya & Dambulla
After breakfast Proceed to Sigiriya.
Sigiriya Rock Fortress.
King Kassapa (477-495 A.D) who shifted the Capital from Auradhapura to Sigiriya made a fortress to surround his palace, which was constructed on the summit of a 500ft high rock, with necessary facilities.
The Palace was surrounded by an outer-moat and wall and Inner – moat and Wall, pleasure garden, Mirror-wall, light colored and dark colored damsel’s frescos, to cover the western wall and a beautiful staircase through the body of Crouching Lion are some of the attractions here.
The boulder garden consists of caves where Buddhist Bhikkus lived and meditated. After Kassapa Sigiriya was given back once again to the Bhikkus.
After lunch visit Dambulla Rock Temple.
Dambulla Rock Temple.
Dambulla is famous for the five cave Temples on a rock. The first 3 caves are better, older and larger than the other two. Some caves dates to 1st C.B.C. All the 5 cave walls and ceilings are covered with Buddhist murals and three are more than 130 Buddha statues, statues of Gods and Kings are also found here.
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